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Impulse systems (minute and second impulses)

This type of system is marked by the slave clocks (analogue or digital) being controlled and run by 24VDC alternating impulses that are transmitted from a Westerstrand quartz master clock/master clock programmer or time central. The impulses are either 1/1-minute, ˝-minute or 1/1-second, depending on whether the clock has a second hand or not.
E.g.    1/1 minute impulses means that the master clock or time central synchronizes the connected slave clock once per minute. The clocks are connected in parallel to the master clock or time central with 2-wire cable. On installation, the programming informs the master clock or time central of the times currently displayed on the newly installed clocks, and the master clock then automatically sets them at the correct time by sending rapid impulses. In the case of a power failure, connected clocks stop, but when the power returns they restart and rapid impulses automatically reset them.

         Diagram of a time system with minute impulses.

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