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Intelligent systems (2-way) network connected time system NTP

Analogue NTP clocks for Ethernet - Indoors/outdoors Westerstrand analogue NTP clocks receive the time from the local network time server. Automatic time setting every minute (adjustable) during normal operation. Option for monitoring and alarm management via a standard protocol. In the event of a power failure, the clock stops temporarily and automatically restarts and is reset when the power returns.
Two power supply alternatives:


PoE, Power over Ethernet, RJ45 network contact in combination with power supply and data. A special network switch with a PoE output is needed with the PoE version.

Technical information:
Configuration via a web browser or Telnet.
Support for DHCP option 42 for automatic installation of the NTP server address.
Time synchronization with alternatives Unicast, Multicast or Broadcast.
If a clock loses contact with the network time server, it continues to run on its inbuilt time base.
When contact with the time server is restored, the clock is synchronized against the network time server again.
The clock automatically senses the positions of the hands.

Analogue indoor clocks are always delivered with PoE connection.
Digital indoor clocks and analogue clocks for outdoor mounting are delivered with 230 V AC or PoE connection.
Digital outdoor clocks are delivered with 230 VAC.

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