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Intelligent systems (1-way) - TC (Time code)

This type of system is marked by the fact that the display clocks (analogue or digital) are controlled and run with a serial time code containing comprehensive information on year, month, day, hour and minute, which is transmitted from the Westerstrand TIME CODE master clock. Each clock has a microprocessor that receives time codes, senses the positions of the clock's hands using magnets and hall sensors and then automatically sets the hands correctly.

All the clocks in a time code system are connected to a 2-wire bus that combines a 24VDC power supply to the serial time code. This combination of power supply and time code on the same cable pair simplifies both cable routing and installation.

On installation, the hour and minute hands on an analogue clock are automatically set to 12.00 until the correct time information via the time code is transmitted from the master clock. When the newly installed clock receives the approved time code, the hands are automatically set to the correct time.
In the case of a digital clock system, the correct time is set automatically within two minutes of the clock being connected.

In the event of a power failure, clocks stop temporarily. When the power returns, the hands (analogue clock) are initially automatically set to 12.00 and then to the correct time. Digital clocks are automatically set to the correct time within two minutes of the power returning.

Diagram of a time system with time code.

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