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Clocks in a time code driven system are operated and run with a serial code, containing information about year, month, day, hours and minutes. This code is a standard DCF-77 format sent from a Westerstrand master clock.

Each clock has its own microprocessor that receives time code, detects the position of the hands, and automatically set the hands to correct time.

Clocks in a time code system are connected through a 2-wire bus which combines 24VDC power and the serial time code. The combination of voltage and time code on the same pair of wires makes both cable laying and installation easier.

During installation the hour- and minute hands on the analogue clocks is automatically set to 12:00. When the clock receives and acknowledges the time code, the hands are automatically set to correct time by fast impulses.

If the system comprises digital clocks the time is automatically set to the correct time within 2 minutes after being connected to the system

At power failure the clocks stop temporarily. When the power return the analogue clocks automatically are set to 12:00 and after receiving time code information set to correct time. Digital clocks are automatically set to the correct time within 2 minutes.

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